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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  November 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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police, and what was found inside his car. >> and, also, day two for bill cosby back in a montgomery county courthouse, on his sexual assault trial, the crucial judge rooming that could change the course of his case. also, philadelphia's first african-american fire commissioner has died at the age of 76. how city leaders are remembering harold b hairston. >> good morning to all of you, thank you so much for waking up early and joining us, sue just said, oh, such a great job. we loved him. >> real liked him a lot. yes. >> well, good morning, we will get through this on this day. >> yes, if we have some questions, you're answering them. a lot of people are frustrated bob kelly, saying use the hashtag fox 29 septa to find out what they need to know. >> put your hand up robert. >> like a pop quiz, all do you have do post your question on facebook, twitter, instagram, just use the hashtag fox 29 septa team recoverage.
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>> day two as we mentioned of the septa strike. this was the scene last night, workers, hundreds every thousands every commuters scrambling on how to get around the city. trolleys, subway operations, as karen mentioned, we do have team coverage this morning, helping you navigate around the roads, whether walking, biking, so for the. lauren johnson at the sheridan hotel. steve keeley joining us from fernrock, we begin this morning with bob kelly looking at the traffic. >> good morning, 5:01 this wednesday, 55 on i-95, the schuylkill, even the blue route, all okay at the moment, outside live look, the philadelphia archdioces schools are back in session, today, they were off yesterday for catholic holiday. ben franklin bridge, even though folks coming in from
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new jersey, surprised yesterday because the philadelphia gridlock caused the ben franklin to back up around the 7:00 hour, will not cross into the city limit, so, again, you have to jump off there, and take the alternate means furthering your trip into downtown paratransit is operating, couple of tips, be ready for crowd platforms, get your particular nets advance. septa not collecting any carbon board, no one will be able to board the trains. unless you have a ticket.
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>> if you can get the flex time, maybe go in little later work later of course, avoid the two traditional rush hours i think better shape today that than we were yesterday. good looking forecast will help everybody standing outside. sue, can you deliver that way? >> you asked, we deliver. does look like good day, in fact, back to double digits in weather by the numbers, it is a ten out of ten once again. , bus stop buddy on national definitely egg day, see he has his lunch already, we have temperatures in the 40's, 50's, so it is a little bit better than it was yesterday not quite as chilly few clouds around, not too many. but here's the temperature in if the, 52 degrees, out of the south-southwest, makes the difference, 44 mount pocono, remember in the 20's
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yesterday, 46 degrees in he had rogue, a in trenton, 51 degrees in wildwood. as you're walking out the door, seasonable day yesterday, the average hi, 61, we played it to 60 look where we're headed today high temperature of 73 degrees, mostly sunny obviously warmer but how long will this trend last? , we'll let you know in the seven day coming up. finds out what the latest dealings are in terms of the negotiations between septa and the union so many people hoping they strike a deal sooner both sides back at the table today hoping to avoid more chaos, traffic, even problems at the polls. lauren johnson live at the sheridan with more information this morning hi, lauren? hello, thomas, little too early to tell if this all will affect voting next week. but everyone's hoping it will not. the union is shyly supportive of hillary clinton and say they do not plan to return to
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work, here at the sheridan, little later this morning, late yesterday the union almost immediately denied the first post strike proposal from septa and by 1:00 a.m., both sides were tired and left at the negotiating table, pensions, breaks during long shifts are issued, they'll need to agree onto ends this septa strike. but, if the strike continues, democrats are worried about long commute being a reason people will not get out and vote. one of the concerns, congressman bob brady. make sure to get to work, get the kids to work, and in trouble, i don't know how long it takes people to get home from work, but an hour or so longer you might not be home by 8:00. so it is an inconvenience, and scares me. >> yes, a lot of people are talking about how scared they are, if this strike continues. and if the strike does keep people from voting it appears
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hillary clinton presidential campaign would suffer worse as she is relying on the traditional higher democrat g turn out here in philadelphia. so again, both tables, set to resume negotiations at some point this morning, right here at the sheridan, of course we will be here all morning and let you know exactly what happens, thomas, karen? looking for progress, lauren, thank you. we continue our team coverage this morning, of the septa strike. steve keeley at the fern rogue station with a look at how the morning commute is going. steve? we at least are abiding by the rules with septa, not live on the platform like we intended to be not some cell phone video, here is a look sites on the regional rail trains, are
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going like springsteen tickets. these people all here early, up long before sunrise, just hoping to get right into -- ride into work, they came the normal time yesterday, and they were stuck without a ride. it is a long walk from fernrock to center city. so we come back to the live picture right now. out with the picketers. , nice slicks of wawa donuts bob if you make your way out here, just got couple of gallons of coffee delivered to the left up here still to the left up here, greg, still pretty hot there goes my cameraman's phone, station calling him, not realizing we're live on tv. look at this, does this indicate whether or not it will be a long strike or not?
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>> you can see the picketers trying to keep warm, some sense of humor, keep the pies out here, a lot of septa police to the right, some plane clothes philadelphia police also to the right. so a lot of work going on even this early on the septa line. how is that for a shot? hugging, so if it stay that peaceful even long strike, at least won't and problem filled strike. >> have they said anything to you about the general frustration of commuters. >> yes, do you want the bleep version in here it is, thomas. >> the 5:08 version. >> this bleeping bleeps, yes, nothing but frustration, sadly strike remembers hearing it first hand, takes a lot of guts not to just write comments on comment
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page or our comment page, anonymously, but to walk to up a picket line, and let these people have it that's why you have the police out here essentially guarding the picketers because some people so angry coming up here to vent that anger in their fares, a lot using four letter language we don't repeat but people are angry on day one, so if they're angry that fast, you can imagine how angry they'll be if this thing lasts, we've had strikes from 44 days and 40 days, the longest that i remember, covering, and growing up around, but the last two only a week long, but that is a rough week, when you don't have a way to get to or from school and work. , thank you, so much. >> 5:09. sad news to report, harelds b hairston philadelphia's first african-american to serve as fire commissioner has passed away, according to he died yesterday, at his west mt. airy home. former commissioner hair son was appointed hit of the fire department in 1992 by mayor ed
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rendell, and served for 12 years until he retired in 2004. circumstances surrounding his death have not been released. former commissioner hairston was 76 years old. >> this statement saying: i'm deeply sadened by the news of commissioner hairston passing, he was dedicated firefighter and outstanding commissioner. he left a lasting impact on the department, and our city. my thought and prayers are with his family. >> happening today, comedian bill cosby back in court for day two of pretrial hearing, his handwritings will get another chance to argue his sexual assault case should be thrown out and challenge the accusations of 13 women who will testify against cost bee. they want to keep the comedian's damaging deposition in decade old lawsuit out of his trial. cosby accused of drugging and sexually assaulting temple university employee andrea constand back in 2004. meanwhile, prosecutors say, they will show a pattern of
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how cosby drugged and assaulted women. >> he knew they would be incapacitated, unable to consent. >> cosby said he was told the deposition would never be used against him in any criminal proceeding, if convicted, by the way, coy face ten years behind bars. in this morning's you decide 2016, donald trump today will be in miami, orlando, and pensicolla, vying for voter support in florida. >> of course yesterday he was in our area even going into a wawa, he had his daughter with him, still in our area campaigning on this day. so trump and his vice presidential runningmate, mike penned, were in king of prussia. >> using the time, and used his time to repeal, replace that, republicans candidate said woe get rid of mandates currently upheld by the supreme court. so after the rally did he what a lot of us do, he went to the
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wawa. he visited one over on dekalb pike with tiffany who recently graduated from pen of course, all of the children went to pen including him. did he not get coffee or hoagie but pick up some tastycakes. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton is schedule to be in arizona, nevada. clinton's camp insists still on track during the final days of the campaign. says reportedly african-americans failing to vote at the same pace they did four years ago, in several states. could help really decide the election. the reason, lower voter entheusiasm, and more obstructions of the polls in casting votes. >> ann hathaway will also be in town for her camp up in temple today. do have important warning, we want to show you a picture almost happens every year, where we find some candy and someone puts something in it that they shouldn't have done. >> the warning we have for your children's candy. but first? >> good morning, 5:12, on
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wednesday, grab your coffee and keys, getting ready to head out the front door, south jersey, not bad. the lower ends of south jersey. but we have truck fire, northbound, on the turnpike at exit number four, coming up next, we will go live to septa headquarters, and check in with heather redfern, for day number two of the septa strike. stay there, coming right back. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪ ♪7 powerball tickets ♪6 match 6 chances ♪5 cash 5s ♪4 cash 4 lifes ♪3 pick 3s ♪2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita. (rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new $1 million snow bank. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪
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>> happening right now, it is day two of the septa strike, but are you still confused about how it affect you? you can decide, answer your
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questions, and bob kelly answer them live on air, just use the hashtag fox 29 septa. and he will tell you what you need to know. speaking of bob kelly? hey, bob kelly, what do we need to know? >> good morning, what you need to know before you get on the g we've got it for you. hello northeast philly, live look at harbison avenue, kind of quiet, at least, at the moment. >> harbison, torresdale, great northeast, downtown looking good, so here is your opportunity to grab your coffee, your keys, and fix your hair in the car on your way out. because no problems or delays at all right now on the roadways, coming into the city couple every parking options, you have the flat rate again today. ten bucks for ten hours. you can't beat it at some of the select parking authority garages downtown. and the ppa offering some slack, as far as the meter times go. but, what is and what is not running? for that question and any of the latest of septa headquarters bring in header red fun live at septa headquarters. good morning. >> good morning, bob, let's run it down, what's not
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running here again this morning? >> anything in the city. so city bus frost route one up to 89, and the letter buses, market frankford line, broad street line, the trolleys, ten, 11, 13, 15, 34, 36, not running. >> anything in the city limits not running. >> what is running? >> regional rain, norristown high-speed line is running, suburban bus routes running but not in the city. trolleys 101, 102, lucy, ckt, all running. >> yesterday we had the problem, later in the afternoon, what are folks that use the regional rails, a tip for them this morning that you can offer? >> be patient, even regular regional rail riders be patient, with the increase ridership, there are going to be delays. there is just no way to get
5:18 am
about it, because you have more people on and off trains. >> make sure you have your tickets and passes ahead of time, when you are leaving center city at night, remember, that everybody's coming from different stations in the morning. so that everybody's leaving from the same stations in center city at night. so there will be crowds. >> i kind of equate that to like eagles game, you know, folks trickle into the eagles game all morning long. then bamm instant traffic jam. what happened last night, at about 4:00. so we talk about flex time too. as being a good try for someone if they want to try something different today. yes, anyway you can leave, i know we have some trains out now, not that crowded if you can get in now, and leave earlier in the afternoon or if it is possible to delay coming in in the morning, and then leaving a little later in the evening. >> heather red fun, you're the best, checking in live, again, you know, as far as those flex
5:19 am
hours, i know it is easier said than done, especially, with the kids, i came in last night, to do the evening news, and i brought my little guy austin with me. so everyone is trying something different, we got to think out of the box. and there is not one answer that works across the board for everyone, so if you have a question, or, you know that you like to get answered about your commute this morning, all do you have do is you don't need to raise your hand like in grade school. just type it out. type us your question and use the hashtag fox 29 septa and we will answer those questions all morning long right here on the air. sue, do you have a question? susi in the background there? >> i want a pumpkin sticker for my hand. remember we used to get a stamp, pumpkin stamp on my hand? >> i'll talk to sister gertrude. >> i promise to be good. in fact, good forecast for you today, high pressure in control today. and part of tomorrow. at least nice start to the
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month of november. here comes colds front whether will it come through? probably tomorrow afternoon. i think we'll get through the morning commute just fine tomorrow. already jumped ahead in the future cast through tomorrow. here see the green, rain rolling in around 1:00 in the afternoon through about three, 4:00. may clip the early part of the evening rush. but if we're luck at this will not complicate your day any more if you try get through the septa-free day so we have possibly ahead. 52 degrees right now, we have 44 mount pocono, 51 degrees in wild dollars would, 47 degrees in lancaster, and 50 in trenton as your day gets started. how about where did we go yesterday? right around the average high of 61, high of 60, look at this roller coaster ride. now that, roller coast letter go back up today to 73 degrees, 78 tomorrow. the record for tomorrow's date is 80. we get close to that, but lose 20 degrees as we head into friday. friday's going to be windy, and chilly, and remind their it is autumn. and don't forget the time
5:21 am
changes this weekend. we fall back, thomas, karen? get gold star for that one. >> and the pumpkin. >> time now 5:21, let's get you covered on top store thinks morning, new jersey state police trying to figure how the is behind this, you're about to see. it is a tootsy roll with a suing needle inside. investigators say someone found it in their halloween candy after trunk or treating in commercial township, cumberland county. right now police are encouraging parents to check the children's candy. barnegat ocean county police are warning residents to check all halloween candy. in a facebook post, the department said someone found small pin in a candy bar in the timbers development. they say there has been no other reports of tainted candy. >> and, a developing story, fresh off the loss against dallas, another blow for our eagles. the wide receiver josh huff was arrested yesterday, police say, they caught him speeding right near the walt whitman bridge, with marijuana, and also, a gun in his vehicle.
5:22 am
at about 11:00 on tuesday, he has now been charged with possessing unloaded handgun without a permit. and a small amount of marijuana. he does have permit in texas. he just can't car that i in new jersey, according to a law enforcement sources. also, police say, that they found hollow point bullets in the vehicle. >> reciprocal with pennsylvania, but not with new jersey. >> not with new jersey. >> very disappoint being set of circumstances, he's been doing well, in his career. >> they've got to start paying the penalty. we have to pay the penalty, they have to pay the penalty. >> so huff release from the jail after he posted bail. the eagles organization has not said much, but they did release this statement, which says, we are aware of the incident today involving josh huff, gathering more information, huff expected to arrive at practice this morning. >> i'm sure they'll be asking a loft questions this morning, as well. >> so, if you are like so many of us, we are just ready every time the commercial common for no matter what candidate, no
5:23 am
matter the politics, or too many of them. so ready for this election to be over. what experts are saying you should be doing right now, to maintain your health. >> but first, hopefully some good news for this morning, if you are checking your lotto ticket hearings are the winning numbers, good luck.
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the trial after white south carolina police officer charged with murder in the shooting death of an unarmed black motorist is set to begin later this morning.
5:26 am
michael slaying is her charged in the april 2015 shooting death of 50 year old walter scott. as he ran from a traffic stop in north charleston. the shooting was captured on cell phone video, that really sparked an uproar. back at home today, just or in the george washington bridge lane case also known as the bridgegate trial, are expected to begin their second full day of deliberations. >> should be pretty interesting. asking a loft questions. the jury weighing the state of two former allies of new jersey governor chris christie. charged with scheming to pun airasia mayor who didn't endorse him. yesterday, jurors asked the judge whether they could convict them of deliberately causing traffic jams, if they acquit them, of conspiring to do so. interesting on that one. >> all right, coming up at 5:30, we are going to break it all down. what you need to know. it is day two. it is going to be a problem. we already know it. so we're trying to get you some help. >> the alternate routes you need to know before heading out the door. we've got you covered. stay with us.
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12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. this is your last chance to get super fast 100meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. this is your final week to get this great deal. only from fios. >> bill cosby back in montgomery county there is will be his second day, crewing al judge ruling that could change the course of his case. >> plus, if you are like a lot of americans, ready for this
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election to be over watch experts say you should be doing right now to maintain your mental health, with all of this back and forth, sue, you're laughing, what? got to get back on track, great day, 5:30, this wednesday, as we meditate with sue. >> that's the right attitude. that's with a we all need, some deep breathing. good morning, everybody, good morning to you. so the person that will get us through it all, bob kelly. >> i'm afraid if i close my eyes to meditate i'll fall back to sleep. >> that could happen. >> probably good thinning in morning to to avoid all of the traffic mess. >> going outside, check the traffic jams. good shape. live look downtown philly day two, traditionally, busier than day one, with these strikes, and i tell you why. everybody had a plan, they tried it yesterday. and if they weren't happen which it, they're scrapping that plan, and going to plan b, and, we also have all of the archdiocesan schools back.
5:31 am
we were crystal clear leer, ten minutes ago, starting to see the pocket of volume now, folks coming in early at 5:30, live look at the 42 freeway, even coming in from new jersey, you're going to hit that gridlock once you try to get over any of the bridges. north on the new jersey turnpike, dealing with clean up from a tractor-trailer fire, at exit number four, and your checklist for this morning, be ready for the crowded platforms on the regional rail lines. get your tickets in advance. they'll not be collecting carbon the trains. you'll need a ticket, to board the train and go for the flex hours, try to push the start time after 9:30, now, it is easier said than done, i know that specially with the kids, that's at least option to try to stay away from the gridlock during the rush hour. what is not running, the city buses and trolleys. no market frankford. no broad street subway. regional rails are running. the norristown high-speed line, the suburban buses and trolleys and are running paratransit, expect some delays. but how about good looking
5:32 am
wednesday forecast? can we do that, sue? >> i think we can deliver that for you. we can also deliver the national deviled egg day. bus stop budd any lighter jacket today. temperatures in the four's, 50's, not quite as cold and we know it will go into the 70s today. so, you don't need to layer it up too much. depends on how long you got to wait outside perhaps for your ride. temperature in philadelphia, 72 degrees, some in the 40's, but headed to high of 73, later on, needless to say, unusual, for this time in november, about 13, 15 degrees above average for most every us, mostly sunny skies, but what's a when cold front comes through? talk about when that happens, coming up. >> to breaking news we're following this morning for the "fox 29 news" room. police in des moines, iowa say two officers have been shot and killed in ambush style
5:33 am
attacks we could not know any further details about the suspect, what went down, but work to go gather more information as soon as we get that into the "fox 29 news" room we will certainly pass it along to you. but first, talking about day two of the transit strike. >> absolutely, because this is our big story this morning when we have so many hundreds every thousands every people just having difficulty getting to and from work. we know there was offer from septa put on the table, union quickly rejected it so the latest on this. >> septa and union ended discussions early this morning. we have team coverage. we begin with lauren who is he sheridan center city with more on the talks, good morning, lauren? good morning, karen, thomas. those discussions ended around 1:00 a.m. behind me at the sheridan here in center city decided to call it quits. talks expected to resume early this morning d they make any progress yesterday in that depend on who you ask. the two sides apparently did not even sit down face-to-face until very late in the evening until representative bob brady
5:34 am
showed up here. he broad liters from the city, septa and the union together to the table. brady played big role back in 2009 whether they had septa strike, called it six day stoppage, said he's ready again to help fill financial gap between what the union is demanding and what septa is offering. >> media, all in the hotel, which is a good thing, you're not going to get nothing done unless they talk. they are talking. media, going back and forth, different proposals, not sure where the ball is right now, but been going back and forth with their proposals, good thing, because you'll never settle anything if you're not talking. >> but they're talking. >> the president of the union compared the strike to war, and said, his fight is for the workers who de is her after secure retirement, and a quality workplace. the major issues as we continue to hear, of course, pensions, and work rules, relate to go safety so in the next half hour look at what both sides say are the sticking points for these issues, and why they just
5:35 am
can't seem to come to terms just yet. karen, thomas? >> the talks continue. all right, lauren, thank you. work remembers out there this morning as we've seen. they want their voices heard. >> now out to steve keeley. steve, at the fernrock station, so some people are carpooling or helping each other. you found some nurses there? >> you are unbelievable, karen, like you read minds. >> i read your tweets. >> here is a guy, viet nam veteran, works his whole career as truck driver, has four bypass heart operation, then he survives cancer, so he is shuttle van driver, first two of 13 nurses, he's going to drive to work. they are at the meeting spot here. so normally they take the subway here, or they take the regional rail, so instead, they still have a ride at their train station, and you see, he is parked right next to the pibal line over here where they had the flames and the afghan's on their laps, along with their picket signs. so, he's got the spot to be. he's like i'll meet you next
5:36 am
to the picket line, look for the bonfire going in the barrel, which if you look at septa history, there is a barrel bonfire in every septa strike all 11 of them. that's right, folks, this is number 11, and as i said yesterday, number ten, since 1975. well, we are seeing exactly what bob said. a lot of commuters showing up early. by the way, bob, i'm going to do the flex time thing topping. so karen, tomorrow, i won't be home with you. i'm coming to work at 6:00 tomorrow. i'll tell the boss i'm taking bob kelly's advice, so flex my schedule little later. how about that? is that -- >> did you get that pre approved? >> i don't think that will work too well. we'll have you come in even earlier. thank you, steve, we appreciate t also happening today during the strike, something that may make it little easier, they'll be brink ago lot more bikes to indigo. they started to stack them up, saw them wheeling over yesterday. so select stations have a lot more, make it easier between 8:00 and 10:00 this morning unlimited bike parking at the center of our city, 18th and
5:37 am
jfk, at the municipal services building also by university city at 36th and sansom. this evening, could you also get unlimited parking between 5:00 and 7:00 at the stations located at 23rd and south, 23rd and fairmount, and fourth and christian streets. they say you can just download that indigo app if you don't already have it, and it is very easy way to get around, if you haven't tried it, this might be the time to do it. >> 5:37. open enrollment has started for people needing healthcare coverage under the affordable care act, in new jersey, people will now only be able to choose between two providers, horizon blue cross blue shield or a merry health. those in delaware who are enrolling in the service are facing steep price increases up to 32%. officials say that people who are not eligible for public healthcare programs like medicare or medicaid can take advantage of taxpayer funded subsidies. >> also day two for bill cosby, back in court again for pretrial hearing, lawyers will get another chance to argue that his sexual assault case should be thrown out, and they are also going to challenge the accusations of the 13
5:38 am
women who will be testifying against cost bee. they would like to keep opened deposition from ten years ago, in that big lawsuit, out of the court case. he's accused every drugging and sexually assaulting temple university employee andrea constand, back in 2004, prosecutors say they're going to show whole pattern how cosby drugged and assaulted women. >> all right, how about this one? pretty up. >> forced into -- they forced game seven, highlights from the world series coming up in sports with our sean bell.
5:41 am
(this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning, i'm sean bell. the sixers traded jeremy grant to the thunder for big man, sova in conditional first round pick. then they tried to get a win versus the magicment game tide late. the ball gets tipped in the air right there. somehow it finds surge i, and fouled by pj mcconnell. would make both of his free throws and the sixers lose 103-101. sixers still looking for their first win. to the eagles, josh huff was arrested on the jersey side of the walt whitman bridge, for possession of an unloaded gun and marijuana while speeding. the eagles issued a statement basically saying, they are aware of the situation and are gathering more information. and in the world series, cubs force game seven, by the bat of addison russell, 435-foot
5:42 am
bomb right there. grand-slam. russell went two for five, with six rbi's, the cubs win. sports in a minute, with sean bell.
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>> day two of the septa strike, what about the passes, what's running, what's not running. we invite townsend us your questions using hashtag fox 29
5:45 am
septa. we'll answer live on the air, in fact, bob kelly getting some questions right now. >> here is this one we have for you, from turquoise johnson, she is writing about these trail passes, returning to work after nice vacation, lucky you, turquoise, will my regular monthly transpass work on the regional rail or does she have to buy a trail pass? bob, what's the deal? >> good question. we expect to see pictures from that vacation on the next tweet, but the answer to your question is that if you're transpass was for within the city, it will work within the city. if you have a city pass and you want to go outside the city limit, such as going to a regional rail station outside the city to try to get a train, in you will have to pay the additional fare. so depending upon where that transpass was purchased originally for, either within the city, or outside the city, there is two different fare rates, and it could be a difference of a buck or two. live look, 95, right now, right near cottman avenue,
5:46 am
starting to see that delay as you head southbound, in toward the city. again, expect more volume on the roadways for couple of reasons today. anyone who tried their initial plan yesterday, and were not happy, they're scrapping that plan, and going to jump in the car, and head to work today. plus, we have all of the archdioces schools back in session today, they were off yesterday, for a catholic holiday. so all of the kids and all of the buses will be rolling back to school today. here is a live look at the ben franklin bridge yesterday around 6:30, 6:45, we hit instant gridlock, because of the gridlock on the philadelphia side. right now we're good to go on 95 and the schuylkill expressway. here is your checklist for today. be ready for the crowded trains and the crowded platforms, get your tickets in advance. there will be no cash collected on the trains. so you won't be able to board the train unless you have a ticket. try the flex hours, ask the boss, please, please, pretty please, with a cherry on top, if i can come in little later,
5:47 am
maybe around 9:30, that's good time to kind of shoot for, because i noticed yesterday that's when things east eased up just little bit. of course, you'll work little later, but that's the pay-back. again, there is not one solution that's going to be good for everybody here across the board. so what's not running? the city buses and trolleys, the market frankford, broad street subway, the regional rails are running, be ready for delays, we had 60 minute delays yesterday. we have the norristown high-speed line. and all of the suburban buses and trolley routes are operating there, as well. i think we're looking at a good forecast, standing outside waiting for the train, right, sue? >> temperatures above average
5:48 am
today and tomorrow until the colds front comes through. that will will happen tomorrow afternoon. meantime, high pressure is in control. we have a milder mid-week. today and tomorrow. will actually be approaching record high temperatures. but the future cast for tomorrow shows the rain rolling in maybe about noon, 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon, we will have little bit every sunday shine in the morning, but, warm enough temperatures we may approach record highs on thursday, then the rain rolls through and we're left with much chillier temperatures for the end of the work week, as we head into the weekends. for this morning, it is not as colds as it was yesterday at this time. it is 52 degrees in the city. forty-four in mount pocono, and we've got 50 in wilmington, dover, 48 millville. so nobody below freezing like they were yesterday. and yesterday's high ended up being around where we're supposed to be, 06 degrees. here is the above average part. seventy-three today. seventy-eight for tomorrow, then we lose 20 degrees, on friday, and get to a high of 58 with the wind. it will feel even chillier.
5:49 am
and as we head into the weekends, well, looks like nice weekends with lots of sunshine and dry, weather, but it won't be in the 70s any more. more seasonable, guys, this weekend. >> big smile face. most people when they text use emojis, right, don't even text any snore iphone users get ready for new emojis, 72 new ones available to apple customers during the next software upgrade. among the new ones, well, they are the face palm, there you go, the slug, and the selfie, until now, no such character was available to iphone users, other new emojis include fingers crossed, pregnant woman,. >> i like that one, good one. >> right facing fist, and just in case you needed one, a avacado. that's that will always come in hand. >> i does it have double meaning? >> avacado. >> so many do. >> speaking of -- >> i know, the eggplant. >> eggplant. >> who knows, maybe the avacado has double meaning, too. >> new meaning. guess what? almost time, we will get to mike in a second, but almost time to cast your vote.
5:50 am
psychologists say the tone of this campaign is affecting every aspect of the lives of more and more of their patients. >> that's actually a disorder. and the experts have told thaws it is a real thing, because we're getting so stressed out about this election, psychologist haves now coined new term election stress disorder. recent americans psychological association surveyed found 52% of adults are stressing over the election so much there is doesn't matter what every your politics, are tired of what you have to say on facebook, instagram, let's just stop, can tuesday come soon enough? so here's some ways to cope. >> get away from some of the social media, some of the media that's bombarding our emotions, and causing us to be stressed out. other thing unwind. spends some time, you know, provide some time for yourself. go, take a break, get a massage. go, have a good laugh. go to movie. >> so vice basically don't listen, and if you want, to you can take a look what's really angering you, and examine it, and maybe that will lead to a personal break through. >> almost there, almost there.
5:51 am
mike so frustrated over the morning commute. he's got his boxing gloves on. >> that's right. this stands for united, you're fed up with septa. >> okay, sure. >> i'll explain my gloves in just a second, by the way if you do have questions about september and the strike, we'll have agoment called calling on kelly. if you want to call on kelly, bob kelly, you simply use the hashtag fox 29 septa. and then he'll answer the question that you have. >> oh, okay. >> if you have any left. thank you very much. so eddie alvarez, ufc champ from philadelphia into the studio today, taking thon guy, trevor connor, what's his name? >> connor motorcycle gregor. >> that's t so i'll put this mask on. so he can practice. >> oh, this is great. >> on connor mc gregor. >> real punch? >> we'll see. oh, we'll see.
5:52 am
>> so he's local, right? >> yes. >> huge thing out of my favorite place, vegas? that's right, did he. he is the champion of ufc. >> the whole thing. >> yes. >> from our area. >> got to protect the prize, though. >> really? >> yes. thomas, after all of these years, lost cause. >> so this dude, mc gregor, has signature move. i'm going to recreate that for he had toy see if he can handle it. >> okay. >> oh, and it is national deviled eggs day. and i am a a connoisseur of deviled eggs, i try it on any menu at any restaurant in philadelphia, my mother made greatest. when you make a deviled egg, what do you put in it? do you include pickles, whatever? >> roler? >> in our little contest today, sue makes a great deviled egg. sue will take on the chef from ocean prime. >> i'm little biased, because sue, she has old bay, typically her secret, i think she has different one making for us today. but -- >> they're good? i'm gem us. >> i wouldn't say allergic,
5:53 am
but severe intolerance. >> what happens to you? >> oh, it is pretty -- >> come down, eat some, see what happens? >> i enjoy eggs, less than five minutes. >> oh, really? >> it is coming back to see you, sorry to be so gross this morning, so let's try it. >> never minds. >> let's try it out. i'll sit right next to you, mike. >> no thank you. >> coming up we will talk, the election cannot come soon enough. six days away. candidates are fighting very, very hard, often in our area. we've got people in our area today. we've got ann hathaway who will be for the clinton camp, tiffany trump for her dad, so we will breakdown all of that stuff. >> also, ripple effect from the continuing septa strike. i know it will affect your morning commute. make sure get updates around the clock on you can sign up for text alerts there, also follow us on social media. coming right back.
5:55 am
she ate like a pig. trump has said and done... you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and republican brian fitzpatrick supported trump. look, we just can't vote for fitzpatrick or trump. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> 5:56, women in the priesthood, some catholics would like to see it happen. pope francis has closed the door on the possibility. he said the church's ban on women will forever never be changed, said the it was put to rest back in 1994 when then pope john paul ii issued document about women in the priesthood. well, francis says he's not changing course, supporters of women priests, the future pope will over turn that doctrine. coming up next on good day, day two of the septa workers strike leaves hundreds every thousands of people scrambling to figure out how to get around the city.
5:57 am
i know you are feeling the pain. we're tracking breaking news also out of iowa. two office verse been shot and killed in ambush style attacks. we'll update you on all of the details. stay with us, we'll be right back. you out. no warning, no hearing. it's a lending practice so outrageous, most states banned it. but at the bank founded by pat toomey it was business as usual. forcing small business owners out of their homes. toomey even used his power in the senate to help himself, voting to gut rules that protect us and crack down on big banks. pat toomey. out for himself, not us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house th 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. this is your last chance to get super fast 100meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. this is your final week to get this great deal. only from fios.
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from the fox 29 studios. thisthis is "good day philadelphia". continues to happen, you know it, could become a little bit frustrating, yes. >> strike two. day two of septa's strike.
6:00 am
now, enters another morning commute. and, commuters have already had enough of this. the strike having a ripple effect on regional rails, and traffic, in and out of the city. we're live with the latest on negotiations between septa and the union. and we're tracking breaking news out of the state of iowa. two police officers from two different jurisdictions have, been ambushed, shot, and killed. >> we'll keep you updated on that. >> huff and puff, an eagles is facing gun and marijuana charges. the other charges josh huff is facing after being pulled over with a gun and drugs in the car. and six days away, come on, let's get this over with from election day, donald trump and hillary clinton are fighting hard for your votes. the new national pole that has come out overnight that may surprise you. good day everybody, it is a wednesday? >> it is wednesday. >> it is wednesday, november the second, 2016. >> we're well into the month now. >> we're


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